“We Want the Whole Thing Consigned to the Dustbin of History”

Perusing Fausta Wertz’ blog this afternoon after posting the Warren Buffett link, I came across a fabulous screed from the proceedings of the European Parliament. Honestly, I have no idea who this bloke is. Fausta identifies him as Nigel Farage, MEP. But, whoever this Brit is, may God bless him and his family forever! Our stodgy Congress could use a bit of this kind of seriousness. There may be no Emperor, but he still has no clothes:


One really important thing Mr. Farage seems to me to get right is his assertion that the faux universality and corporatizing of the Euro mindset – as attractive as it may be to the intelligentsia and liberal political class – leaves the more locally grounded and particular-focused folks who don’t fly in the jet set “robbed of their identity,” with nothing to give them a communal purpose except for nationalism, and the violence that history assures us surely trails in its wake. Perhaps, though, he could have added football as another available rallying beacon. Isn’t that a pretty picture?

I know the nation state is not politically inevitable, but the EU is not the second coming of Christendom – and it can never be, because the liberal order lacks the coherent (and coherence) at the center, around which a culture could be built and sustained.