“Mr. Ambassador, enter the Orient Express and go back to Istanbul, your wonderland!”

Quote of the Day for Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 2010:

Maybe Europe is not a lost cause after all? Perhaps my disillusionment with the post-modern political and cultural character of the Old World has been unduly overwrought? Between this dressing down by Austrian MP Ewald Stadler and the Nigel Farage tirade in Brussels the other day, perhaps I should be holding to a firmer hope for a European future worthy of its past.

Not that I have any illusions about these guys representing majorities, but: Who woulda’ thunk? An MP on the floor of a 21st century European Parliament demanding Turkish accountability for the gruesome murder of a Catholic Archbishop! And the Poles didn’t even have to show up! Maybe the Turkish Ambassador will think twice in the future before accusing Austria of religious intolerance.

This is a thing of beauty…