WORDsearch 11 Product Evaluation Posted

I published tonight what I imagine will be the last iteration of my WORDsearch Bible Study software product evaluation page.

It’s a more detailed assessment of the various aspects of the program than I’d probably intended to write, especially given my limited use of it these days, but it’s out there. I still get a fairly steady stream of hits on the site for the WORDsearch page, so I felt somewhat duty-bound to update it. But I’d be surprised if I upgraded when version 12 comes out, so this is probably the end of the line for me as a critic of that product. It feels funny to write that – I’ve been pulling this software apart for 12 years – and that’s just the CROSS-based versions.

With this iteration of the WORDsearch page, the custom hacks …errr… tools I’ve had posted as downloads on that page since WORDsearch 8 have been suppressed.

It was great, and I still miss the Discussion Groups.

Over and out.