The Plug

obama-tahdah So, the Conniver-in-Chief speaks tonight about the environmental mayhem in the Gulf of Mexico. Let’s see…

The first thing he will say is that he is in charge and in command, yet simultaneously responsible for nothing.

Then he will blame everyone within reach: BP, George W. Bush (!), and Congress (yes, even Congress will get at least a token whipping for this – not because they bear any real responsibility, but because almost everyone hates Congress, so they’re an easy mark).

Conservative talk radio personalities may also get some blame, but I’m not going out on a limb on that one (no pun intended).

In keeping with his political strategy of dividing to conquer, The One will not only blame BP, he will demonize them. It is crucial to his strategy to make the American public hate BP enough to divert most if not all of its anger onto BP.

I don’t think I can watch…

  • Anonymous

    BP is to blame. It’s their well & their mess.

  • John W Gillis

    Well, yes, it clearly is BP’s mess, and they are to blame for it, but that does not justify President Obama’s self-serving politicization of the situation. Nor does it excuse his incompetence in handling his own responsibilities in the matter. The man is clearly in way over his head and behaving badly, and the world is by far the worse off for it.