WORDSearch Releases HCSB Reverse-Interlinear

HCSB Reverse Interlinear from WORDSearchWORDSearch released a reverse-interlinear based on the HCSB last week, further extending their original language capabilities with this translation. I wish I liked the HCSB better as a translation, because I really like WORDSearch as a study environment, and this looks like a very useful tool.

As far as I know, this is only the 3rd interlinear commercially released in a “reversed” format, which orders the text according to the translation rather than the manuscript, making it easier for novices, in particular, to work with the interlinear text. It joins the two very popular reverse-interlinears released by Logos a couple years ago (the ESV, and the NT of the NRSV). The Logos tools, however, are only available as part of base packages (although they’re included in almost all of them now, which I don’t think was the case before – I could be wrong). The WORDSearch HCSB reverse-interlinear is available as a stand-alone purchase, and is very nicely “upgrade” priced for those who own the standard WORDSearch Greek and/or Hebrew interlinears. The list price does seem quite pricey for those who don’t qualify for an “upgrade,” however, though it’s pretty common to have some “sale” or another going on.