Electronic Versions of the Bible in English

The table below maps the availability of various English language Bible translations in thirteen of the more popular Bible Study software packages/formats.

Bible translations are ordered by date of publication, with the newer translations at the top. Software platforms are listed alphabetically left-to-right, but within two sub-groups: first, seven commercial packages are listed alphabetically, followed by six freeware products. Note that several of the commercial vendors offer free versions of their engines, so the distinction between the two classes is somewhat arbitrary.

Items marked with a dollar figure are available for individual purchase. Items marked as “BP” are not available for individual purchase, and are only available in larger “base packages” – which include the program engines, and typically cost anywhere from  the low hundreds to several thousands of dollars. Items marked with “C” are available outside of “base packages”, but only as part of some other collection of books/versions, and not as stand-alone resources.

The fourth edition of the chart was published in January, 2017, with updates across-the-board, and adding Bible Analyzer as a software platform. It was lightly updated in August 2017,  adding an entry for the new Christian Standard Bible, and updating Logos pricing to reflect their new Bible pricing model. The information is provided as-is, and is neither exhaustive nor precise.

One of the challenges I tried to address in this edition was distinguishing between silently updated editions of translations. For example, the New Living Translation was originally published in 1996 by Tyndale House. Then, in 2004, the New Living Translation – Second Edition was published. However, subsequent revisions have been released in 2007, 2013, and 2015 – all of which continue to be named New Living Translation – Second Edition. Other translations that have likewise been revised with little or no indication beyond copyright date changes include the English Standard VersionNew International VersionNew International Reader’s Version, and the New Century Version. It was not always possible to confirm exactly which edition certain platforms offered, and in a few cases I made educated guesses.

A PDF of version 4.1 is available, configured in landscape page layout for legal-sized paper (8.5 x 14). The current matrix version is 4.2, so the PDF is a bit dated (Jan 2017).

Feel free to comment below with any corrections, etc.

  The English Versions of Sacred Scripture Currently Available in Electronic Bible Study Software Editions                    
Abbr. Name Date Accordance BibleWorks Logos OliveTree PC Study Bible PocketBible WORDsearch Bible Analyzer eSword LaParola Online Bible SWORD The Word
CSB Christian Standard Bible 2017 $15   $10 $10     Free            
ESV2016 English Standard Version "Permanent Text Edition" 2016 $15 BP $10     $10     Free        
AMPU Amplified Bible, 2015 Update 2015       $15   $10     $20        
NLT15 New Living Translation 2nd ed. Rel. 4 2015 $15                        
MEV Modern English Version 2014     $10 $10                  
NLT13 New Living Translation 2nd ed. Rel. 3 2013     $10     $10              
TLV Tree of Life Version 2013     $24 $20         Free        
LES Lexham English Septuagint 2012     $25                    
TV The Voice 2012       $40                  
CEB Common English Bible 2011 $15 BP $10 $10     $10            
EOB Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible – NT (of PATr) 2011 BP BP $10                    
ESV2011 English Standard Version 2nd ed. 2011       Free BP   $10       C   Free
EXB Expanded Bible 2011       $30                  
ISV2 International Standard Version 2.0 2011     $10 $15 $18               Free
NIV11 New International Version 2011 2011 $20 BP $10 Free $24 $10 $10   C   C   $26
OEB Open English Bible 2011                       Free Free
NABRE New American Bible Revised Edition 2010 $15 BP $10 $20 $24 $15              
CPDV Catholic Public Domain Version 2009                       Free Free
EXB-NT Expanded Bible – New Testament 2009     $18 $20   $10              
GUV Grammar Uses Version 2009                   Free      
HCSB-SE Holman Christian Standard Bible 2nd ed. 2009 $15 BP $10 Free   $15 Free           Free
NHEB New Heart English Bible 2009         C           Free Free  
COM Comprehensive New Testament (Clontz) 2008 $50                        
LEB Lexham English Bible 2008     Free   C     Free Free Free Free Free Free
MIT MacDonald Idiomatic Translation Bible 2008   BP                      
SAAS Saint Anthanasius Academy Septuagint 2008       $40                  
VW Voice in the Wilderness 2008                         Free
NETS New English Translation of the Septuagint 2007 $30 BP   $25                  
NLT07 New Living Translation 2nd ed. Rel. 2 2007       $10         $15        
ABPE Apostolic Bible (English) (VanderPool) 2006               Free Free Free   Free Free
GST Contemporary Torah: Gender Sensitive 2006     $10                    
RSV2CE Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition 2006     $10                    
ACV A Conservative Version 2005                   Free   Free  
MagP Magiera New Testament (from Peshitta) 2005   BP                      
NCV2 New Century Version, Nelson edition 2005     $10 $10   $15              
NET New English Translation 2005 $15 BP $10 Free $24 $10 $10 Free $20     Free Free
TNIV Today’s New International Version 2005         C                
AB Apostle’s Bible (Esposito LXX) 2004                       Free  
ERV Easy to Read Version 2004 $15     $10 $24   $10            
HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible 2004         $24       $13   C    
NLT-SE New Living Translation – Second Edition 2004   BP     $24   $10       $5   $17
EMTV English Majority Text Version 2002                 Free   Free Free Free
TM Message 2002 $15   $10 $10 $24 $10 $10   $13   C   $17
ESV2001 English Standard Version 1st ed. 2001                       Free  
J2000 English Jubilee 2000 Bible 2000                 Free     Free  
UKJV Updated King James Version 2000                         Free
WEB World English Bible 2000 BP     Free BP Free   Free Free Free Free Free Free
AKJV American King James Version 1999               Free   Free Free Free Free
CENT Common Edition New Testament (Clontz) 1999                       Free  
DSSB-E Dead Sea Scrolls Bible 1999 $40 $30 $10                    
CJB Complete Jewish Bible (Stern) 1998 $15 BP $10 $18 $30 $15 $10   $15   $15   $15
ISVNT International Standard Version (NT) 1998                 Free     Free  
MKJV Modern King James Version (Green) 1998       $10         Free     Free  
NIrV New International Readers’ Version 1998 $20 BP $10 $10 C       C        
SISR Scriptures 1998     $10           Free     Free Free
TMB Third Millennium Bible 1998       $16                  
JNT Jewish New Testament 1997     $10                    
OJBC Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha 1996                       Free  
CEV Contemporary English Version 1995 $15   $10 $10 BP   $10   Free        
GW God’s Word 1995 $15 BP $10 $10 $24 $15 Free   Free   Free Free  
NASBU New American Standard Bible Update 1995 C BP $10 $10 $24 $15 C $9 C   C   C
Sch Schocken Bible: The Five Books of Moses (Fox) 1995 $15   $10                    
RWB Webster 1833 Revised 1995   BP           Free     Free Free  
KJV21 21st Century King James Version 1994       $13             Free    
NRSV-CE New Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition 1993     BP           $15        
GNT Good News Translation/Today’s English Version 2nd
1992 $15   $10 $10 BP   $10 Free Free       $15
NCV New Century Version 1991         $24   $10            
NRSV New Revised Standard Version 1989 $15 BP $10 $10 $24 $15 $10   $15   $5    
REB Revised English Bible 1989 $15   $10 $10                 $20
MCT McCord’s Everlasting Gospel (NT) 1988         $24                
ICB International Children’s Version 1986             $10            
LITV Green’s Literal Translation 1985       $10       Free Free     Free  
NJB New Jerusalem Bible 1985 $15 BP $10       $10            
NJPS New JPS (TaNaKh) 1985 $15 BP $10 $20                  
NIV New International Version 1984     $10   C                
NKJV New King James Version 1982 $15 BP $10 Free BP $10 $10   $15   C   $16
NASB New American Standard Bible 1977 C BP $10 $30 BP   C   C   C   $12
TEV Today’s English Version/Good News Bible 1976         BP                
LB Living Bible 1971 $15   $10 $10 $24   $10            
RSV Revised Standard Version 1971 $15 BP $10 $10 $24 $10 $10   $13   C    
NEB New English Bible 1970     $10                    
BWE Bible in Worldwide English (NT) 1969                       Free  
CPG Cotton Patch Gospel 1969     $40                    
MLB Modern Language Bible (New Berkeley Version) 1969             $10            
RSVCE Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition 1966     $10                    
AMP Amplified Bible 1965 $15   $10 $20 $24   $10       C   $25
BBE Bible in Basic English 1965 BP BP   Free BP Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
WENT Wuest’s Expanded New Testament 1961     $10 $10 BP   $10   $10        
JBP Phillips’ New Testament in Modern English 1958         $30   $10       C    
Wms Williams New Testament. 1936                     Free    
Lamsa Lamsa Bible 1933                     $10    
CTNT Centenary (Montgomery) Translation of the NT 1924             Free         Free  
GAT Goodspeed NT: An American Translation 1923         C                
JPS JPS Masoretic Text Translation 1917   BP $10 Free     $10   Free   $15 Free Free
BUVI Bible Union Improved 1913     $10                    
MNT Moffat NT: A New Translation 1913             $10            
Wey Weymouth New Testement in Modern Speech 1912 BP   $10 Free BP Free Free   Free Free Free Free Free
SCNTE Sahidic Coptic NT in English (Horner) 1911     $10                    
BCGE Burkitt’s Curetonian Gospels 1904     C                    
TCNT Twentieth Century New Testament 1904                       Free Free
Worrell Worrell New Testament 1904                         Free
GTNT Godbey New Testament 1902                   Free   Free Free
EBR Rotherham Emphasized Bible 1902   BP $10 Free             $15 Free Free
ASV American Standard Version 1901 BP BP $10 Free BP Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
BCNTE Bohairic Coptic NT (Horner) 1898     C                    
YLT Young’s Literal Translation 1898 $10 BP $10 Free BP Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
WNDNT Weekes’ New Dispensation NT 1897     $10                    
LSPG Lewis Sinaitic Palimpset Gospels (from Peshitta) 1896   BP C                    
RV Revised Version 1895 $10 BP $10 Free       Free Free   Free   Free
Dar Darby Version 1890 BP BP $10 Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
HSOT Helen Spurrell Old Testament 1885   BP $10                    
Sharpe Sharpe Bible 1881     $10                    
SLT Julia Smith’s Literal Traslation 1876     $10                   Free
SDNT Samuel Davidson New Testament 1876     $10                    
CPB KJV Cambridge Paragraph Bible 1873     $10                 Free  
PTISA Pauli’s Tragum Isaiah 1871     C                    
Noyes Noyes Translation (Job – Rev) 1869   BP                 Free Free  
HTANT Anderson New Testament 1866     $10                   Free
BUCEV Common English Version (Bible Union) NT 1865     $10                    
EDW Emphatic Diaglott (Wilson) 1864                     Free    
Sawyer Sawyer’s New Testament 1861     $10                    
BJSOT Benisch’s Jewish School OT 1856     $10                    
Leeser Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Scriptures 1853   BP $10               Free Free  
BLXXE Brenton’s English LXX 1851 $20 BP $34           Free Free $15    
MPNT Murdock New Testament (from Peshitta) 1851   BP C   C       Free   Free Free  
KJVR King James Version 1850 1850                   Free      
EPNT Etheridge New Testament (Peshitta) 1849   BP C                 Free  
BLXXE- Brenton’s English LXX (no Deuterocanon) 1844   BP                     Free
Taylor Taylor’s New Testament 1840     $10                    
LONT Living Oracles NT (A. Campbell 4th ed.) 1835     $10               Free Free  
WBT Webster 1833 Bible 1833 BP BP $10   BP Free $10   Free Free Free Free Free
Palfrey Palfrey New Testament 1830     $10                    
CTT Thompson’s Translation of LXX & NT 1808     C                    
Newcome Newcome’s New Testament 1796     $10                    
Worsley Worsley NT 1770                       Free Free
KJV King James Bible 1769 1769 BP BP $10 Free BP Free Free   Free Free Free Free Free
HLNT Hardwood’s Liberal New Testament 1768     $10                    
JWNT Wesley New Testament 1755     $10       Free           Free
DRC Douay-Rheims Challenor (1899 imprint) 1752 BP BP $10 Free BP   $10 Free Free Free Free Free Free
WPNT Whiston’s Primitive New Testament 1745     $10                    
Mace Mace New Testament 1729             Free           Free
AV1611 King James Bible 1611 1611   BP           Free         Free
Bishop Bishops’ Bible 1568 BP BP           Free Free       Free
TGB Geneva Bible 1560 $10 BP $10   $24 Free $10 Free Free     Free Free
TCB Coverdale’s Bible 1535     $10         Free         Free
Tyn Tyndale Bible 1534   BP $10 Free       Free   Free Free Free Free
WycNT Wyclif NT 1380     $10 Free       Free       Free  
Legend: BP = version available only as part of a library base package                 Revised August 27, 2017
  C = version available only as part of a collection of books/versions                 by John W. Gillis
  $ = cost of obtaining version as stand-alone download                 MaybeToday.org
                    Version 4.2  
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  • Ralph

    How may I get an electronic version of the JST Bible? of other versions?

  • John W Gillis

    Ralph, if you follow the link I have in the right-hand column above the table to the SWORD Project home page, the JST can be downloaded from the Module Add-Ons section.

    For e-Sword, I think it is only available through e-sword-users.org.

    Of course, if you don’t already have one of these programs, you’ll also need to download one of the core applications programs to read the JST module. Again, you can do that from the links I’ve provided above. These are both free programs. I find e-Sword a little easier to use, but both are well-constructed tools.

  • The Comprehensive New Testament is available on Accordance in two ways:

    1) as part of most of their bundle packages: http://www.accordancebible.com/store/details/?pid=CNT

    2) as an individual module: http://www.accordancebible.com/store/details/?pid=Comprehensive%20Crossrefs

    The individual model is hard to find by the name of the translation because Accordance is emphasizing our cross-reference index with extra-biblical literature. But our published New Testament contains both the translation and the cross-references as well, so this isn’t really a bundle per se, but rather a module of our published New Testament.

    Not sure if this affects your coding between “P” and “B”, but I thought I’d give you more detail in case it made a difference.

    Thanks for mentioning us!


  • John W Gillis

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you very much for the clarification. I’m more than happy to correct the entry to indicate that your excellent-looking NT resource is also available as a stand-alone module in Accordance.

    God bless you,