3bcsm.jpgThe Word of God in Sacred Scripture is a divine gift to humankind of unfathomable profundity. Those of us living in the “Information Age” have been blessed with an access to God’s Word that would have been unimaginable throughout most of human history. That is a great gift, and one which the wise will surely embrace joyfully. But like much else in our culture, it comes to us in such diversity that the information level can be overwhelming. I hope to contribute a modest deciphering.

Some of my engagement with the Word on this site is in reflection upon the study of it, but I also have more mundane issues I’d like to pursue, such as a survey of Bible Study software,  comparisons of various English language translations of the Bible, as well as summary-level surveys of the history of the development of Christian Scripture – from the formation of canon, through other questions touching on the nature of ecclesial authority and divine inspiration, to the challenges of modern vernacular translations and changing models of interpretation.

To date, I have begun fleshing out two subsections of my evaluation of the situation of the Bible in contemporary culture:

  • A section dealing with The Bible in English: looking at translation history, differences between current versions, and their availability.
  • A section dealing with Bible Study software, looking at both the technology in general, as well as some analyses of specific software solutions.