Roberts “betraying” conservative/conservatism – his job is to determine whether or not the law, as written, is strictly incompatible with the Constitution. This cannot be taken as an endorsement of the law as policy.

A couple days later, commentators are beginning to see that the victory for Obama and the leftists might be pyrrhic.

The ruling keeps Obamacare on the table politically until the election. The Democrats will no longer be able to claim that the mandate does not amount to a tax, because that was the grounds upon which the Roberts court found it Constitutional. The HHS mandate now also continues to stand, which means Obama and the Democrats change their tune (which they probably will in a cynical last-minute vote-buying scheme), they will find themselves on the wrong end of a growing opposition movement with an utterly unyielding core. Obama himself appears to be so oblivious to what motivates the “bitter” religious folk he so looks down on that he actually thought the Catholic Church  would cede to the state the power to define moral obligation.