Where OBL wins their empathy, American jocks receive only their bile

Quote of the day for Saturday, May 7th, 2011:

Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked, providing an interesting critique from across the pond on the reaction of European elites to the killing this week of Osama bin Laden:

It is extraordinary, and revealing, how quickly the expression of concern about the use of American force in Pakistan became an expression of values superiority over the American people. The modern chattering classes are so utterly removed from the mass of the population, so profoundly disconnected from ‘ordinary people’ and their ‘ordinary thoughts’, that they effectively see happy Americans as a more alien and unusual thing than Osama bin Laden. Where OBL wins their empathy, American jocks receive only their bile.

While it’s hard to see what went down as anything more noble than an assassination, and while it’s very hard to morally justify assassination in any context – never mind when the target has long been driven into hiding, and is quite possibly inept – it was nonetheless  shocking to see the degree of hypocritical handwringing going on in liberal circles over this – such as German Chancellor Merkel having criminal charges filed against her for saying she was glad Osama was dead!

Vulgarity alert at the end of the original piece, which is about what one might expect at spiked-online.com…