From Russia, With Zest

ccp1 Well, here we go. A few months ago, Joyce proposed that we should pick up on an old idea, and host a couple children from the Chernobyl Children’s Project this summer. Nasta and Yulia arrived this evening (pictured here along with Zoya, a very nice local woman with Russian roots who was serving as a volunteer translator for the evening). We managed to get them home, acclimate them somewhat to the house (including Mungus, our frisky young cockapoo), feed them a little something, settle them down, and get them into bed, but it sure is going to be an adventure dealing with the challenges of the language barrier between us.

Abby told me later in the evening that her life had changed today. Never lacking for melodrama, that one, but she’s right in a way. You don’t bring anyone – especially a child – into your life without being changed in some way. It is going to be very interesting to see how our family is changed over the next four weeks by these zesty little girls whom fate has consigned to grow up in an area poisoned by radiation – and who deal daily with the inevitable medical consequences of that misfortune.