A Few Minutes of Nothing Much

  jwg_close_glassesAs January comes to a merciful end, I slump back in my easy chair and wonder how things may change this year. I’m waiting for the last of my recommendation letters to reach Franciscan University at Steubenville, so that I can begin my studies with them. That program will surely dominate my reading list – and my writing, I suppose – for as long as it takes me to complete it. The chair I’m sitting in will soon be moving upstairs, as I’ll be abandoning my basement bunker in favor of a reworked 2nd floor bedroom, for which I have been overly busy building bookcases.

With the economy in the tank, and my employer having just agreed to be purchased by a competitor, I can’t be very certain where 2009 is going to lead me professionally – or financially. I’m going to revive my PMP certification, just in case. We refinanced the house last week, in part to reduce monthly outlay in order to help pay the increased cost of sending Abby to Montrose School beginning next year, but also to mitigate the risk of having a high mortgage payment in times of uncertainty. So many things seem like they’re one false move away from coming apart at the seams.

Around here, winter runs from the beginning of December until almost the end of March, so it is about half over at this point. The end can’t come soon enough for me. I spent a couple hours in the driveway today, trying to break up and remove a covering of more than an inch of ice, which has been treacherous underfoot for perhaps two weeks, but nearly impossible to deal with prior to today due to bitter cold temperatures and/or the lack of sunlight. Remind me never to buy a north-facing house in New England again.

A year ago this time, I had just established the maybetoday.org domain, and was installing WordPress on my hosting server, trying to figure out how to make this all happen, and doing initial design work. I’ve accomplished only a small fraction of what I’d intended to accomplish with this web site, but that’s the story of my life. Perhaps I can take some small comfort in knowing that, as uncertain as many things may be in my life right now, some things never change.