Logos Makes Sermon File Addin Available for Free

Logos is making their Sermon File Addin available for free in October, as they celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. There are also discounts available for other products by using the discount code PAM2008.

The Sermon File Addin is an interesting tool (usually sells for $60, if I remember right) that basically allows the user to make mini Libronix books out of their sermon files, and then tag them for easy and effective cataloging. This is one of the areas where computer-based study systems really outshine paper-based models, and I’m delighted to see Logos making this tool available for free (even temporarily). If you own a Logos package (or another Libronix-based package, such as Nelson’s eBible), by all means grab this while you can.

This module was highly requested by Logos users, and I know people on other Bible Study platforms request similar functionality often. It really is important for these programs to focus on the fact that people generally use them to produce output continually over time, and that the ability to interact with that body of output from within the program as time goes on makes them far more valuable. I think there are some weaknesses in the Logos implementation of this, but I’m not inclined to look a gift horse in the mouth; this is a great tool to have integrated into a computer-based Bible Study environment.