Closing Out October…

So, October draws to a close. It’s been a very quiet month on I wish I could say that I’ve accomplished a lot here or there, but the truth is I’ve been quite run down this month. I did spend a chunk of time mapping out some ideas for how WORDsearch might be improved moving forward, but it’s hard to think of anything else significant I’ve managed to do in my free time this month.

I will confess to watching much of the Red Sox’ attempts to progress through the baseball playoffs, which certainly cut into my time to accomplish any work after-hours. I think the late hours of these games, driven by MLB’s desire to maximize cross-country viewership for the sake of advertising rates, seriously compromised my ability to function mentally during those weeks when I was watching, and I’m only now beginning to catch up.

My body is so very different than it was before I had the heart attack – I don’t know if that’s a function of changes in my body itself, or of the effects of the medications I’m on now, or some combination, but it’s impossible at this point for me to deny that I simply cannot withstand the same kind of bodily stress that was such a chronic part of my routine existence just a couple of years ago. If I die young, it will not be from lack of understanding of what’s been killing me, but rather from a lack of resolve to deal with it prudentially. Lord have mercy.