WORDsearch Released… Oops

It looks like WORDsearch blew it again in today’s release of build, at least in terms of fixing the problem of the control that is supposed to allow users to define their home directory for documents.

For many months after the release of WS8, this button did absolutely nothing (except on non-LUA-compliant configurations – a diversion there is no need to pursue here). A recent build proposing to fix it actually wired a function into it that changed the wrong setting instead, and then another build release passed without addressing what would seem to silly old me to be a major embarrassment.

Yesterday’s build release notes claimed to finally fix the problem, and the dialog box allows you to browse to a new document home location, and makes it look like you’ve changed it. It even creates a registry entry for the “new” location (though it doesn’t write the key until the app exits, which seems bizarre).

But the application continues to look in the default location for documents (C:\Users\username\Documents\WORDsearch). Upon restart, it even resets the value shown in the Options dialog box to the default.

Furthermore, the app appears to be persistently setting a read-only flag on that WORDsearch directory.

For the life of me, I just cannot understand either how this can be so difficult, or how management could let these builds out the door with such a blatant lack of testing and due diligence…