Hitting the Wall

I’ve been very tired over the past couple weeks. I run out of steam before I get home from work, and I haven’t been able to find my second wind, for the most part. I wish I could write during the day, when my head is often buzzing with ideas I’d like to pursue, but by the time I get home, I just don’t have the energy.

This especially concerns me because I’ve been making noises again about getting my application in to Franciscan University so I can begin my prep work for their MA program. I can’t help wondering if I should just drop the idea, and simply pursue my own academic agenda at my own pace. I haven’t even been reading – I’m too tired to think these days. How can I succeed in course work in this condition?

Perhaps I can fight through it somehow. It’s true that I’ve allowed myself to be somewhat sucked into the excitement of the Boston Celtics’ renewed success, and I’ve been staying up watching some playoff games. But in reality, I’m getting more sleep at night than at any time I can remember. I think my recent TV watching might be more a function of my tiredness than a cause of it, though maybe there’s some reciprocity going on.

Tomorrow promises to be a particular challenge, as Abby and Rebecca have their annual dance recital. It’s a long afternoon – the schedule I saw calls for 47 different routines in succession – and most of the music will be awful. The experience will no doubt rekindle in me a desire to pick up the thread I was writing on the role of pop music in the life of children, and I suppose that if I manage to find the energy to work my way through it, that will be a good thing.