The Two Month Mark

So, this blog has been live for two months now, and I still don’t feel like I’ve finished the underlying work it requires. Frankly, April didn’t seem very productive at all.

I temporarily implemented Snap Shots on the site, but turned around and disabled them when it became apparent they were slowing down completion of page loads too much. It’s too bad – I liked the way it allowed the user to preview a link before clicking through to it, although I did find some of the advertising ill-fitting, and maybe even inappropriate. Still, I may reimplement it in a more limited fashion later on.

I went through a couple of bookmarking widgets before settling on ShareThis, which is a great compact little gizmo.

I still haven’t implemented LibraryThing, though I finalized my decision to go that direction. I’m going to lose a little control in terms of site layout for my book-related stuff, but plugging in to the LibraryThing community is a huge upside.

I installed WordPress 2.5 and 2.5.1, which broke my image upload capability, but I’ve worked around it, and the good news is that the new image upload function sets a few standard sizes for images, saving me from having to go into my CSS and do that as custom classes. I also made the metadata display in the post footers more to my liking.

Instead of sticking to simpler posts, I got involved in a couple projects last month I haven’t been able to complete yet. I can’t say I didn’t warn myself…

April was a grueling month for me. I spent most of it waiting for layoffs at work (I survived), and ended it at the hospital getting my foot x-rayed, as I’ve spent this week hobbling around on a brutally sore ankle (achilles tendinitis). But, spring is finally in full swing, and perhaps I’ll be able to make better use of my time in May. My goals for the month are to integrate LibraryThing, and to get my WORDsearch pages up-to-date.