Worshiping with the Stars

A U2charist, starring Liz WalkerThe local United Church of Christ parish is having a “U2charist” on Sunday. This is billed as a worship service, but rather than being focused on worshiping God in Christ – as in “traditional” Eucharistic worship – this looks more like an event that celebrates celebrities. They’re even touting local “News” celebrity Liz Walker as guest speaker.

As I understand it, these are essentially fund-raising events, with proceeds going to support efforts that fall somehow under the umbrella of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals – a noble enough set of goals, though I am a bit baffled as to how a group like the UCC can rationalize their unabashed support for the abortion license with support for a set of goals that includes reducing child mortality. I must just be thick-headed…

While this “U2charist” is going on at the First Congregational Church, Saint Patrick Church – just three blocks further up East Central Street – will be partaking of the Real Presence of the Lord in the last Eucharistic celebration of the day, if anyone’s interested.